Chimney Repair Los

Chimneys are a classic project when it comes to masonry. The proper design and installation of new chimneys requires dedicated professionals who understand all of the variables that can be involved in this type of project. Our team has had the opportunity to construct hundreds if not thousands of chimneys throughout our long course of operation. We have the experience to not only provide you with the best-built chimney possible but also to help you decide on how your chimney can best compliment your property. We have many customization options available for stone chimneys and we want to share them with you.

New Chimney Construction
The construction of brand new chimneys is a delicate process that involves more planning than you may have expected. Our team will need to take very precise measurements and angles to ensure that the chimney you end up with works perfectly for your applications. During the building phase, our professional chimney contractors work diligently and carefully to ensure that your new chimney will provide problem-free enjoyment for decades to come. We only select the finest materials when working on your chimney to provide you with peace of mind.

Chimney Repair Contractors
Over time, existing chimneys may require repair services. This can come about for a wide variety of reasons. While brick chimneys are very durable, over a long course of time the frequent drastic temperature changes and extreme weather can take their toll. No matter how chipped, cracked, or structurally compromised your chimney may be, our team is confident that we can bring it back to its former self. We implement state of the art repair practices in conjunction with special masonry tools to ensure that your chimney is ready for use for many years to come.

Chimney Restoration
If you are looking for a full service and comprehensive chimney overhaul consider discussing chimney restoration with our team today. Our restoration process is extremely thorough and involves fixing all imperfections, replacing grout, cleaning, and resealing portions of your chimney. This will provide you with a result that is comparable to having a brand new chimney constructed at a fraction of the cost. If you are unfamiliar with masonry restoration services we know that you will be surprised to see how effective these services are when it comes to providing an instant improvement in visual appeal and increased lifespan for your masonry pieces.

Los Angeles Chimney Sweep
Not only is our chimney maintenance team available to provide repair and restoration services for your chimney but we are also available to provide basic cleaning and chimney sweeping services. Having your chimney swept on a semi-regular basis is very important for many reasons but the most important reason is that an un-swept and neglected chimney is a fire hazard. Why take the chance? Our team can provide same-day chimney sweeping services and be finished with your chimney in almost no time at all. Call our team today so that we can get started right away.