Fireplace Repair Los

Custom-built fireplaces are a fantastic way to complement your living room. These pieces are generally appreciated by almost all onlookers and the natural heat that fireplaces provide cannot be matched. Our team at Los Angeles Masonry Pros has had the opportunity to construct hundreds of custom fireplaces throughout our years. During our initial visit to your home, we will make recommendations so that you can ensure the fireplace design we decide upon is exactly what everyone was hoping for. Our team is also available for fireplace repair and restoration.

Brick Fireplaces
These days there are many options available to you when deciding what type of fireplace you would like to have in your home. Brick fireplaces still hold up to this day as one of the very best options. The reason that so many choose to go with a brick fireplace is due to their ability to stand up to temperature changes. These pieces will be incredibly durable for years to come and provide you with decades of problem-free enjoyment. Our team would be happy to help you understand all of the unique benefits that come with brick fireplaces. Our masonry contractors look forward to constructing your next brick fireplace.

Customization Options
There are many options available to you when it comes to the look of your next brick fireplace. Our professional masons are well versed when it comes to discussing all of the options available to our clients. You can choose different brick sizes, brick colors, angles, and much more. We would be happy to show you examples of fireplace projects we have completed in the past to inspire you for your next custom fireplace. Our customer service department looks forward to your call today. We will quickly deploy a professional to your home to begin the planning stage.

Our Building Practices and Materials
One of the reasons that we consider ourselves the best contractors in Los Angeles is that when we are constructing custom masonry pieces we only use grade-A materials. Our suppliers provide us with the materials that we know will last for decades. Another reason why we are the best is the fact that our building practices are world-class. We never look over any finer details and we take the time to ensure that every joint, seam, and connection is placed perfectly.

Repair and Refinishing
From time to time brick fireplaces may require repair or perhaps refinishing services. Although brick is one of the very best materials you can use for your fireplace over time you may discover cracks, splits, or other imperfections within your fireplace. If you are inspecting your fireplace but not sure what to look for, simply give our team a call. We’d be happy to offer you advice or perhaps dispatch one of our technicians to inspect your fireplace for you. If it is determined that repair services are required we will work around your schedule to minimally inconvenience you while we are performing the service.